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How do I get to Bulgaria?
Are alien citizens allowed to purchase real estates in Bulgaria?
What is the Bulgarian climate like?
Do I need a visa?
Is it safe to invest in Bulgaria?
English Bulgarian Dictionary
What is the Bulgarian climate like?

Bulgaria has four distinctive seasons and very mild climate, which is one of the country’s most attractive features. Summer is hot and dry, with average humidity, while the winters are cold.

The weather in Sofia is about 28C in July and August and about 3C in December and January. Average daily temperatures on the Black sea coast, on the eastern part of the country are at 27C. The Mediterranean influence makes wintertime weather in the country’s continental part milder. The mountain chains in the country play important role in defining local weather. Most rainfall summertime is in mountains, while in wintertime there are perfect conditions for winter sports.

The mild transitional Mediterranean climate and the fertile soils are very suitable for raising the world known Bulgarian roses, tobacco and vineyards.

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